Book Giveaway: “Sweet Time” by Weng Pixin

Am irresistible rumination on love, empathy, and confidence by Singaporean cartoonist Weng Pixin. Like snapshots in a photo album, “Sweet Time” is an art comic filled with semi-autobiographical stories and imagery thats feel both intimate and relatable. From awkward chance encounters to the pain of failed connections, any sense of melancholy is accompanied by a lingering sweetness — a sense of hopefulness in the face of inevitable collapse — that feels utterly current and necessary.

Gorgeous image follows gorgeous image in a delicate quest to find connection. A night out turns into a chance encounter that is at first ecstatic and then quickly descends into awkwardness. A round of “he loves me, he loves me not” becomes a way of reading into every action taken by a distant love interest. A couple find themselves in an artificially beautiful landscape, but the relationship can’t survive their difference of opinion on the illusion of its beauty. In Sweet Time, thick and bold strokes of color mingle with delicate lines. Weng combines colorful realism with a gentle wit and introspection, crafting infinitely relatable stories of everyday life and love now.

Thanks to our friends over at Drawn & Quarterly we have three copies to give away! Take a look at some images from the book and read below for how you can snag yourself a copy.











Weng Pixin / Drawn & Quartlery


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