Hello…..I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Karen Gooch, and I decided it was time for me to share my love of stamping and paper crafting with others.  So….I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

I have been a paper crafter my whole life, so it’s not a surprise that I ended up here, doing something creative.  Along with my paper addiction, I was a quilter for many years, I used to crochet and cross stitch and enjoyed crafting in general. A few years ago I found my way back to paper again.  Paper always wins in the end!

More recent is my love for ink!  I love that you can stamp with it, and make designs with it.  You can spill it and move it. You can make it do all kinds of things. All in the name of creativity!  Yes!   My new playground!

I’m an avid DIY fan!  I’m always in the middle of a project.  Sanding, painting, and decorating.  I love it all!  If I can get my hands dirty or covered in stain, I’m in!

If you’re looking for perfection, you won’t find it here.  I don’t claim to be perfect, and most likely the projects you find here won’t be either.  My English is a little rusty and I will make mistakes, misspell words and have run on paragraphs, but I’m not letting that stop me!

This is a place for creativity, inspiration and joy. A place for you to come and find inspiration and ideas that you may use in your own work.  Where you can take an inkling of an idea and run with it.  Maybe try some new things and experiment a little…like a workshop.

I may add a post here and there that doesn’t  include a card or a project.  It may be a post about a piece of furniture, a diy project, a color, or even what’s in my head at the time.  I may post about where I got an idea or where to find creativity in unusual places.  You may think it has nothing to do with cards, scrapbooks or journals, but it does!  You can find inspiration in the everyday things, and in the quirky out of the ordinary too!

I love to experiment with paper and ink.  I never know which experiments will work and which ones…well, not so much.  You can always find and idea in there somewhere, even if it starts out as a mistake.  Some of the best ideas I’ve had have come from the mistakes that I have made.  A small idea may bloom into something great…but you don’t know until you try.

Come join me on my not so perfect journey and see what happens!





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    • Debra, I just found your comment! I don’t know where it’s been hiding all this time, but I’m glad I finally found it! Hugs, Karen

  1. I just discovered you Karen… love your cards I have seen so far! I am subscribed to Mary Fish and that’s where I saw your gold butterfly with black cardstock and the rose…. love it! I sent a question somewhere asking what did you use to cut out the butterfly but don’t know where it landed? LOL Thank you!

  2. Hi Karen I have just spent an hour looking through your website. I am really impressed with your work. I stamp in a similar style too.

    I live in New Zealand and through the wonderful world of Stampin Up, I travel everywhere viewing cards. Your style is one of the best.

    Kind regards, Diana Haycock

  3. I just found your black/gold wreath!! Very pretty – I sort of, kinda copied but did some various versions and they all turned out and waiting to be mailed in a few months. You didn’t say where you lived; I’m in Cottage Grove MN USA. Have a good friend in New Zealand. By the way, nothing wrong with your English.

    Happy stamping

    • Hi Lois!
      I hope you enjoyed making your own version of my wreath… it’s always fun to see what other people do, I wish I could see it! I live in Northern Nevada, USA. I have been a crafter since childhood and I am a DIY addict, always getting myself into some kind of project. Stamping is just an extension of my love for crafting!
      Have a fabulous day!

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