Where did my mojo go?

One of the first things you should try to do when you’re lacking inspiration is get a change of scenery, if you have the option to get out and go somewhere… go!  A change of scenery, (or, “blow the stink off” as my mom would say), is always good for a persons soul.  Get out, let the wind blow in your hair, and get some fresh air… it can work wonders for your attitude!

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Try shopping at a garden shop, a farmer’s market,  a flea market, or somewhere you don’t frequent (you don’t have to buy anything, you’re just looking).
  • Take a road trip, stay at a bed & breakfast, and see the sights.
  • Sit on the porch with a great cup of coffee (with creamer of course!  NO ONE drinks coffee black, do they?), and soak up the morning sunshine!
  • Get away to the mountains, or a beach with a view.

Sometimes, you can find inspiration right where you are!  Life can be a juggling act, we get busy in the “real” world and have a hard time finding our way back to our creative side…we just need to remember how to “PLAY”, that’s all.  Here’s the thing, remember when you were a kid and glued macaroni onto a piece of paper, and you loved it?  You were just playing, you didn’t worry if the kid next to you admired your macaroni “masterpiece”, and you didn’t know terms like creativity or inspiration…you just did stuff.  You played in the dirt, had color crayons, rode the Merry-Go-Round, and probably ate your share of macaroni with glue on it!  So, when you find yourself lacking inspiration, and you can’t get away, think like a kid…and MAKE STUFF.

That’s right… MAKE STUFF. When we use our hands to make things without any real goals, it opens up our mind to be more creative!  So, every now and then you need to take a day (or two), and do nothing but “PLAY”…put it on your calendar if you have to.

Tear, color and glue your little heart out with no goals, no expectations and no crazy rules  to follow.  Do you remember what that feels like?  No one’s looking, you can make the ugliest thing ever, no one will ever know…you can even throw it away (gasp!)  Of course, you could always make your own macaroni “masterpiece” (I did), it’s a freeing experience (who judges macaroni art?), and it may be just what the doctor ordered!

My masterpiece…

macaroni face

What an artist. I may be on to something here, maybe I’ll quit my day job!

If you’re like me , you have scraps, and plenty of them. You probably hoard them in your closet or drawer, all tucked away (oh, wait… that’s me). Get them out… dig, drag, and pull out those those scraps, this is is what you’re going to “PLAY” with. Don’t like what’s in your scrap box?… find a friend (preferably, one who is equally obsessed), and make a trade.

Make a couple of piles, one for solids, and one for prints, then there isn’t so much to dig through (am I the only one with this problem?). Don’t think about what you’re going to make, and don’t get all weird about what goes together, just start putting pieces together. That’s it, don’t over think it…this is just an exercise to get your mind to connect with your creative side.

If you’re having trouble letting go, try giving yourself a time limit. For example: What can you make from this pile in five minutes?  Set a timer, when it goes off, stop…hands in the air (like you’re on Top Chef ), and move to the next project. Don’t keep messing with stuff and fussing over where things go, you can become obsessed with the outcome (not the point here).  A time limit forces your brain to make quick decisions, and not worry about the outcome (at least for this purpose). Give it a try..you might be surprised what you make!


Repeat after me…

“Don’t be afraid to make ugly stuff!”

Something to think about when you need a little inspiration!


Look at what’s in the pile!

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.com A bunch of goodies, including a stamped butterfly…that was torn in half!

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.com
Sewing strips onto a larger piece.

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.comAdding stamps, and generally getting carried away!

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.comThe finished project…

                        With no time limit, it started out sewing paper together so it could be cut it up and made into cards.  Hmm…that changed.

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.comThe butterfly that was torn in half turned into a pocket for a tag or small photo!

 More things from the pile..

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.comThis ink experiment …turned into these two cards!

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.com
A pretty flower card…Mother’s Day?.

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.com Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.comPart of the the flower that had smudges was cut off, and turned to fit behind the frame. The reverse side of the striped paper had been colored, (an ink experiment), but no one will ever know… it looks great here!

A simple thank you

Where did my mojo go? Inkersworkshop.com

                With a rhinestone to cover an ink smear, this greeting looks great used with a leftover piece of chevron paper!

I found this great saying on Pinterest the other day,
(don’t know the author)

“You have the potential to make beautiful things.
Yes, you!

What a great reminder, we are always our own worst critic!
Something I’m always working on myself!

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