When I’m With You

When I’m with you, I can be myself.  When I’m with you, it’s okay to be silent, and
you will understand. When I’m with you, it feels like home, and I am at peace.

When I'm With You. Distressed everyday card. Inker's Workshop 2017


Aren’t real friends, the best friends?
Those who know the real you, and accept you anyway,
are such a blessing to have in life…my friends are the best!!

When I'm With You. Distressed details. Inker's Workshop 2017

This distressed piece started out as a full sized card.
After tearing a piece off, it still didn’t look right, so I cut it in half.
Now, the wide borders really make that center pop!

It can be a hard choice to tear up something or cut it in half when
you just spent a good chunk of time making it, but if you’re not
happy with it, or your idea is not working out, you probably won’t
use it anyway! Chances are you will try to finish it, but you will still
hate it because it doesn’t look like you wanted it to, so it will go
directly into file 13.

This is what opportunity looks like! This is the point where you
leave your comfort zone and see what can happen. If you were
going to toss it anyway, tear it up, color over it, or try something
new.  It may still end up in file 13, but you may end up with a
great piece of art. Either way, you have gained that experience.


Inker's Workshop. purple rose.


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When I’m With You

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