Just Breathe!

Hello Stampers!

Sometimes it’s important for us to remember to recharge our batteries,
to get out of our rut…and to Just Breathe!

Just Breathe! Card from Inker's Workshop using Stampin' Up! sets In This World, Touches Of Texture & Labeler Alphabet. InkersWorkshop.com 2016

That’s what inspired this card…the need for a little down time!

My husband and I are both busy people and don’t get out of town as often
as we would like, but since we are celebrating our wedding anniversary
this month, we decided we should do something. Nothing fancy, no big travel
plans, just a weekend getaway…and in this case, that meant road trip!

What a blast…we didn’t have a plan, we picked a starting point and just drove!
If one of us saw a road we had never been on, we took it, and we stopped at
some of those little places along the highway that most of us drive by every day,
never knowing what they are. There were some great places along the way that
we will visit again, and will probably use as a starting point for our next road trip!

Just Breathe! Details of card. From InkersWorkshop.com 2016

Are you in need of a little down time?

Do yourself a favor and get out from in front of your computer…
get outside, smell the flowers, listen to the birds sing, and chase butterflies!

Just Breathe! Card section from Inker's Workshop 2016.

 This card may have started out as a way to remind myself I needed to get
away, but I know several people who could use that advice…so I’m going to
send this great little reminder out to one of them…a little nudge, if you will.

Maybe I’ll include something that they can use for their own starting point,
like show tickets, or dinner on me, something that is a short drive from their
normal routine, but a world away…because sometimes we all need to
Just Breathe!


Until next time…

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Just Breathe!

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