Retirement list is here!

 The retirement list is here…do you have your list?
Get ready, get set…go!

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retiring stamps graphic 2016

Click icon to view all the retiring stamps,

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Click icon to view paper, ribbon etc. that’s retiring.

 Sorry for the delay…there has been a high volume of traffic all day, and I’ve been unable to see if there is a printed list of all the retiring products.  The icons above will take you to the store where it will show pics of all the items, just like you’re actually shopping.

It’s crazy today…things are flying off the shelves…

Get in there and get it while supplies last…once it’s gone, it’s gone!


You can purchase any of the items on the retirement list here.
It’s only while supplies last…so if you want it…get it now!

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What’s you favorite item on the retirement list that you wish would stay?

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Retirement list is here!

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