Cookie Dough Surprise!

Happy Saturday, Inker’s…
I’m excited to share this fun treat with you!

Today, I get to see my good friend who moved away a few years ago…YAY!
She’s making the coffee, so I’m taking a little treat with me to share… um,
actually, I made one for each of us ’cause it is a cookie dough surprise
after all…and, well I’m kinda stingy about the whole cookie dough thing…
I’m crazy that way!

Cookie Dough Surprise-top with butterfly-enjoy

I dressed up a small mason jar with some silver & white.  Hello…it is supposed
to be a cookie dough surprise not just cookie dough!  I know she would love it
just plain, but I thought it would be fun to add a little bling.

Cookie Dough Surprise-inside jar- chocolate chips Inker's Workshop 2016 Look what’s inside…YUM!

We are both addicted to Pinterest, which is where I found this safe-to-eat dough
recipe. However, I have had it so long that the name of the blog I got it from is no
longer legible. If you get on Pinterest you can find all kinds of recipes to put in
your jars…just make sure you have a few hours to spend there looking!

Ball Mason Jar image Inker's Workshop 2016I took a plain one of these …and made it into this…

Cookie Dough Surprise-top- angled close up Cookie Dough Surprise-top different angle Inker's Workshop 2016so much fun to make… I can’t wait to share it!

P.S. I must confess…I did test the dough, and it is safe
for her to consume, I didn’t get sick or anything…phew!
I’m such a good friend!

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Until next time…Karen

So glad you stopped by!

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Cookie Dough Surprise!

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