You’re In My Thoughts

It’s the weekend…and you’re in my thoughts…I’m wondering, how many
of you were late to work last week after the time change? I don’t have to
leave my house everyday for work, but it’s still a rough go getting used to
the new time, it may only be an hour…but it’s like having jet lag for a week.
More coffee please!

You're In My Thoughts. Gold rose on black background. 2016


You're In My rose on black background. 2016

This card started out all smooth and pretty, and then it happened…
the glue seeped out, I got a little heavy handed and when I pressed
down on the rose… it was ooze city.

I thought I could wipe off the excess glue, so I got out a baby wipe
and went to work. Not the best idea I’ve ever had, it was just enough
rubbing to peel the top layer of paper…uh oh…not enough coffee yet!

Rose Wonder in gold & black distress detail. www.inkersworkshop

I set it aside to dry, and then took and Adhesive Remover
to try and clean it up. As you can see, I may not have gotten it all.

In an effort to save what was left (I’m crazy that way), I took a baby
wipe and went around the entire card, roughing up all the paper, except
for the inside of the rose. It blended pretty well, and in some ways, looks
like it’s actually supposed to be that way (that may be the coffee talking).

It’s not perfect, but someone will love it when I send them a card saying…
You’re In My Thoughts.


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You’re In My Thoughts

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