Something For Mom

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a little over a week since my last post, and I’m glad to be back. It will take some
time to catch up on all that I’ve missed, but I’m just taking it one step at a time around
here… trying to move forward and enjoying each moment as it happens.

Thanks to all of you for putting my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Something For Mom

Something For Mom- trinket box 2016

Today I’m sharing a cute box I put together for my mother to put a few cherished
items in. She’s not much of a pink person, but I think she will over look that 🙂

I wanted box that was all one piece, so she wouldn’t have to keep track of a lid.
Pinterest to the rescue… I found this great box from Pootles there, you can see
her original work here. It’s all one piece and opens just like a card, perfect for
what I needed! Thanks for sharing your talent, Sam.

Something For Mom- trinket box 2016- lining- bow off

I chose the Shine On DSP for the box because it’s double sided,
which will create a nice lining without my doing any extra work.

Something For Mom- trinket box 2016- DSP up close

At first glance it looks like one side is covered in tiny little hearts.
It’s not, it’s tiny triangles, but I thought it was hearts when I started.

 The tiny triangles on the paper are actually colored in Watercolor Wonder,
which goes with some ribbon already sitting in my drawer, yay!  This ribbon
is sort of stretchy, so mom will be able to remove the ribbon without untying
the bow when she wants to open the box, and then slide it back on when
she’s done…a huge plus. It’s also a nice bright color, which will help her find
her “special” box with out a lot of help,  and that will make her feel pretty
good about things. Overall I think she will love it and forgive me for the
whole pink thing 🙂

Until next time…Karen


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