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Good morning everyone!

A quick note for all of you…posting on Inker’s Workshop will be a little scattered for the next few weeks.  I took a fall about a week ago, I rolled my ankle and landed on my right arm/hand… and I’m pretty sure my hand was fractured in the process.  I thought I was recovering well enough to keep those projects coming, but yesterday I was met with a few well-meaning hand shakes and now it is very painful to stamp anything. That combined with company coming for an extended stay made me realize I cannot keep up with my current schedule for the time being.  So, I had to admit to myself that
I am not Wonder Woman (gasp)…too bad, I would look great in those gold bracelets!!!!

   I have a few cards ready for posting that I will share with you during the next few weeks, and I will continue to try and piece together a few items here and there,  I just can’t make a lot of new stuff to share until my hand has had some time to heal. This is not the best timing for this…the new Holiday Catalog coming out has a ton of great new items I want to play with… but these things never happen at a convenient time, do they?

Hang in there with me…
it will probably be late September before I’m back on a regular schedule around here,
in the mean time I will share projects when I can…and maybe add a tip or two.

Thanks for understanding!

For now, check out what’s on sale this week…

Weekly Deals Graphic Aug 18, 2015

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Weekly Deals from Stampin’ Up!

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