The Saturday Post: Blended Bloom

The Saturday Post: Blended Bloom


Hey there!!

Today I’ve decided to share my first attempt at using the new *Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers with you.  I’m using the Blended Bloom stamp from the new catalog for this little adventure (available starting June 2nd).  I love this stamp and it’s the perfect match for these markers!

Now, I’ve seen some GORGEOUS cards out there using these markers! They are all over the internet.  I’m a big Pinterest fan and there is a ton of them on there!  As you can see, this card does not even come close to some of those beauties, and that’s okay!

Blended Bloom #1 with wm I’m not sharing this with you to show you how good it is.  I’m sharing it with you to show you that we all have to start somewhere. Remember, I told you, I’m not perfect!  All those Blended Bloom beauties (say that three times fast) out there were all made by people who were once beginners!  They didn’t come into the world knowing how to shade colors or make the perfect card, so don’t beat yourself up because yours isn’t the best one out there. Just get started, play a little, and see where it takes you.

I can barely draw a stick figure, but that doesn’t mean I’m not an artist, at least in my own mind!  Get rid of that nagging thought that says “I can’t do that”.  With a llttle practice, maybe you’ll be the one that makes a beauty.  This isn’t brain surgery or anything. I promise the world won’t end just because you don’t get it right on the first try. So…just give it a try!

One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was using my Spirograph. I spent hours with that thing, making the designs and then coloring them in, never using the same colors next to each other of course! Yikes!   These markers take me back to the fun of coloring, and that’s the key.  FUN!  THEY ARE FUN TO USE!!

Crafting should be fun! That’s why we do it, we enjoy it.  Or, at least we do until we compare our work to that of others. Then somehow ours becomes inadequate, our joy is diminished and our project ends up in file thirteen. Stop it!  I say!

Enjoy the process!  Not everything you make will be fabulous, and it will not always meet the standards of others.  Don’t let that get in your way!  Find a way to get over it and move on! If you don’t want to share it with others, then don’t, it’s that simple.  If you don’t find some sort of joy in the process, maybe you should rethink what you’re doing. If it’s all about the end product for you, then you are missing out on all the good stuff along the way! The applause from others is a good thing, but it cannot feed your soul.

To this day my eyes light up when I see embossing powder change right in front of me, I never get tired of that. It’s a weird thing to many, but to me it’s just fun!  It’s that happy feeling you get inside, when you just love something and it doesn’t matter what others think. Coloring, stamping and paper crafting in general all make me feel that way.  It’s like therapy, an inner peace I find when working with my hands. I find joy in it!  The ink (oh, the ink!), the paper, and the mess, bring it!

We all need that place in life where you find a little bit of joy, it’s what keeps us sane.  It’s the place that puts a smile on your face and just plain makes you happy deep down inside. It’s the place where no one’s opinion matters but your own, that inner peace…JOY!

Just like when I was a little kid with my Spirograph, all of the fun is in the making! It’s taken me years to realize that I had it all right back then!  I didn’t care what people said about my “art”. I did it because it made me happy!  Deep down inside…happy! Every day I made things without a thought of who would like it.  If I didn’t like it, I tore it up and started over, but it never occurred to me to quit because I wasn’t as good as someone else. It just made ME happy.

My little Blended Bloom has a lot to be desired if you’re looking for perfection.  You can see the lines where I didn’t blend it right, and the green on the leaves really needs some work before they start looking like anything good. Overall, it’s a fun project and I will only get better if I keep at it, but I don’t think that will be a problem since I really like these markers.

So,for me, there will be a bit of a learning curve with the marker thing. That’s ok with me, because I really do like to do it, it’s like therapy for me. To me, if the end product comes out great, then that’s the icing on the cake!

Enjoy the process and the end result will just keep getting better!

Maybe in a month or so, I will post a follow up with a new Blended Bloom. Then we can see if I’ve made any progress.  I said maybe, we’ll see.  It might be fun though.  What do think?  Would you like to see a follow up?  Leave me a comment and let me know!



Whew! Long post!, my fingers hurt from typing!


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What I used to make this beauty (LOL):

cardstock: Crumb Cake (#120953), Whisper White (#100730), Mossy Meadow (# 133676 in new catalog)  stamp sets:  Gorgeous Grunge (#130517), Blended Bloom (#135906 in new catalog), ink: Crumb Cake Classic Stampin’ Pad (#126975), Daffodil Delight Classic Stampin’ Pad (#126944) blendabilities: All in the new catalog–Rich Razzleberry (# 131003), Daffodil Delight (#130998), Old Olive (# 130999) other: Tea Lace Doilies (#129399), Sponge Daubers (#133773), Paper Snips (#103579), Rhinestone Basic Jewels (#119246), Stampin’ Dimenstionals (#104430), Multipurpose Liquid Glue (#110755), Stampin’ Trimmer (#126889), Big Shot (#113439), Autumn Accents Bigz Die (#127812)  I didn’t show an envelope, but you may want one (#107297 medium Crumb Cake)

Get Creative!!!


*Unfortunately, you won’t be able to order these great markers until sometime in August.  Something to look forward to!!

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